Rousseau (Zitate 1) … Rousseau (Quotes 1) …

(German and English in sequence)

Seine Werke habe ich gelesen: Den ‚Emile‘, den ‚Gesellschaftsvertrag‘. die ‚Bekenntnisse‘ und so weiter. Irgendwann werde ich mich an die mich wohl beeindruckendste Stelle des ‚Emile‘ wagen: Die drei Glaubensartikel aus dem ‚Glaubensbekanntnis des savoyischen Vikars‘.

I have read his works: The ‚Emile‘, the ‚Social Contract‘, the ‚Confessions‘ and so on. At some point, I will dare to read the most impressive passage of ‚Emile‘: the three articles of faith from the ‚Confession of Faith of the Savoyard Vicar‘.

Vorab habe ich einige Zitate herausgesucht, die ich für wertvoll genug halte, hier zu posten, weil ihre Aussagen nach ca. 250 Jahren noch heute sehr vertraut erscheinen. Ich mag seinen Intellekt, seinen messerscharfen Verstand, seine Schriftstellerei – unabhängig von seiner persönlichen (schwer oder nicht verständlichen) Lebensgestaltung.

In advance, I have picked out a few quotes that I think are valuable enough to post here because their statements still seem very familiar today after 250 years. I like his intellect, his razor-sharp mind, his writing – regardless of his personal life (difficult or not to understand).

At the birth of the societies, the leaders of the republics create the institution, and soon the institution creates the leaders of the republics.

If there were a nation of gods, it would govern itself democratically. Such a perfect government is not suitable for us humans.

The individual will strives by nature for distinction and the common will for equality.

You never spoil the people, but you often deceive them, and then alone they seem to want what is bad.

I prefer dangerous freedom to quiet servitude.

No submission is as perfect as that which maintains the appearance of freedom. With it, even the will can be captured.

Christianity preaches only servitude and submission. Its spirit is only too favorable to tyranny not to have always profited from it. The true Christians are made slaves.