Rousseau (Zitate 2) … Rousseau (Quotes 2) …

(German and English in sequence)

With all virtues, with all duties, one seeks only appearance; I seek reality.

Man is born free, and everywhere he lies in chains.

Insults are the arguments of those who are wrong.

The independence and freedom of the people is based less on the strength of the arms than on the moderation of the hearts. Those who desire little depend on little.

So do you want to give permanence to the state? Bring the utmost differences in rank as close as possible. Do not tolerate either rich people or beggars. From one class come the accomplices of tyrants, from the other tyranny. The sellout of public liberty always takes place among these: One buys, the other sells.

The good social institutions are most capable of stripping man of his nature, of robbing him of his absolute existence in order to give him a relative one in exchange, and of placing the I in the general unity, so that each individual no longer thinks of himself as a unity, but as a part of the unity.

The only means to avoid the error is uncertainty.

In whatever century it may be, the natural conditions do not change.

To grumble that God does not hinder the practice of evil is to grumble that He has bestowed such high gifts on the human race and associated morality with the actions of men.

If only the lie can save us, then it is over, we are lost.

The money you own is the means to freedom, the one you chase is the means to bondage.

To write a good love letter, you must begin without knowing what you want to say, and end. without knowing what you have said.

Happiness consists of a solid bank account, a good cook and impeccable digestion.