My Blackberry Passport is spinning out…

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My fidelity to my Blackberry Passport smartphone I’ve already let hang out here several times. It’s still the best thing I had in my hands for my smartphone. I’m using it for the fifth year. The square screen, the physical keyboard that works as a trackpad at the same time, the best operating system for smartphones in my opinion, the expandability with a memory card (not possible in the iPhone), table-compatible without landscape mode, easy integration into the home network, excellent voice quality etc. etc…

The Blackberry operating system BB10 is not only an obsolete model, but has been virtually crushed by Blackberry. The production of hardware was stopped and with the change from BB10 to Android Blackberry changed from a racehorse to an average horse. This obviously had a plan, because the company shifted its activities to the software sector. Customers, like me, were left standing in the rain. My passport wasn’t and isn’t a cheap or mid-range product, and it was to be expected at the time of purchase that the manufacturer would maintain its operating system, i.e. update it – for years to come, as it was advertised.

Unfortunately a mistake. Now I’m not sure anymore if the BB10 is still so safe to use with a relatively good feeling in the net. There is hope that hackers won’t see an expired operating system as a target because the dwindling number of users is no longer worth the effort.

What does it follow from what has been said so far? Correct… one orients oneself around and looks for alternatives. So I use my beloved passport as a working tool (calendar/tables/texts/notes etc.) mainly in the Wlan. The integration into the home network is problem-free and not via a special program (e.g. iTunes at Apple). This would also be possible with an Android.

Which alternative is possible for me? Android definitely does not come into the closer selection for me. It simply doesn’t ’suit‘ me, because my trust in Google is ambivalent. A product from China? I’m more than sceptical about the reports about government spyware etc..

Parallel to my passport, I’ve been using an Apple product for three weeks now, since I’ve been an Apple user since 1996 and an iPhone offered itself there. It’s an iPhone SE. More and more I get used to this small, handy and therefore very practical device. With macOS Catalina the synchronization and the integration into the network via the Mac Finder becomes possible and is finally iTunes-independent, because iTunes is also split, as I read it. So more user-friendly and accessible. I think that’s an innovation from Apple.

Still, it’s not a passport with BB10. But a – for me – obvious alternative, with which I can live and be satisfied.

Clarification: This is not an advertisement for the manufacturer of the SE and does not deny any other manufacturer or operating system his right to exist, but is the product of a purely personal opinion formation.

Kant: ‚Sapere aude! (Have courage to use your own mind!).